Friend or Foe? How Do You Know?

11 Nov

During the month of November, while I’m participating in NaNoWriMo, a.k.a. trying to write 1,666 words or 6.6. pages per day, I’m featuring two weekly blogs based on the fabulous book, Clues for Real Life: The Classic Wit & Wisdom of Nancy Drew, by Jennifer Fisher (used with the author’s permission).

“Whether you’re battling everyday villains, dating mysterious men, or just shopping for a fashionable frock, a few good clues for life are just what the modern woman needs.”

When you’re just getting to know someone, how do you know if they’re a loyal pal or a backstabbing enemy? Nancy would tell you to first gather some clues from their behavior and then come to a conclusion. Below is a list of some telling behaviors. Think of the person you’re wondering about, then answer yes or no based on whether or not this person engages in the following behaviors:

1. Shadows you around town while trying to stay hidden in the scenery.

2. Arrives at your door with chicken soup when you’re sick with the flu.

3. Writes you a threatening note when you blow them off for a girl’s night out.

4. Borrows your car and doesn’t return it.

5. Worries about your safety during your sleuthing, and wonders if you should engage in less dangerous pursuits.

6. Drags you unwillingly to places you don’t want to go.

7. Loves to share your favorite snack — nachos and Corona with lime.

8. Irritates you so much you’re tempted to utter a snarky retort.

9. Wears disguises, even though it’s not Halloween.

10. Has a highly unusual name that seems more like an alias meant to hide his true identity.

If you answered YES to 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10: This person is probably a foe!

If you answered YES to 2, 5 or 7: This person is probably a friend.

If you’re STILL not sure, keep watching this person’s behavior for more clues!

2 Responses to “Friend or Foe? How Do You Know?”

  1. Kathleen Kaska November 11, 2011 at 4:10 pm #


    I enjoyed your article today. I was right on with the friends and foes. I’m happy to say that I have more friends than foes. Numbers 1,3,4,6,8,9,10 make a good profile for a bad guy or gal.

    Keep writing,


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