Book Shower – Forbidden Fruit – The Sisterhood of Darkness series by Shadowstorm Norwicca

9 Jan
The Book Stork has arrived for Shadowstorm Norwicca!


The Goddesses of old have become the watchers of mankind and the Gods.

Gaia, Isis, Psyche, Bellona, Diana, Lilith, Rahda, and Kali ma are the Sisterhood of Darkness. Pain has followed them for centuries and Lilith the leader of the Sisterhood has to face her past. When Azazel, his generals, and the legion of the Damned Souls of Hell are released from their prison, the sisters come face to face with an aged old prophecy that could destroy them all.

The Sisterhood is now in the battle to save mankind and the realm of the Gods. The prophecy will reunite soul mates long lost by time itself.

Lilith is taken on a journey when she goes on a mission to locate the Goddess Kali, but she gets more than she bargains for — her soul mate Adam. Now that time is of the essence, Lilith must warm her cold heart and forgive Adam for shattering it.

Can Adam survive Lilith’s intense sexual dominating desires and the coming Apocalypse?

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Paranormal Romance

Congratulations to author Shadowstorm Norwicca on her book, Forbidden Fruit – The Sisterhood of Darkness series, which was launched on Dec 6, 2011.

Shadowstorm, have a glass of virtual champagne tell us about your new arrival!

Forbidden Fruit was in the works for about two years; it started off as a short story on Facebook that gained momentum. The story of love, betrayal, humor and of course supernatural powers; women have always been the damsels in distress in many romance books, but in my story they are heroine and the men bend to their strength and sexual desires. This book serves as an empowerment to women and will leave them feeling like a Goddess.

What did you feed your muse during the book’s development?

Now that is a question and basically it boils down to caffeine (coffee) and music ranging from hard metal to classical. I did a lot meditation to put myself in the world of my book and music usually took me there.

Did you experience any complications during the growth of this book?

The only complication I endured I would say was timing for each character to show their personality. Each character had a place and personality that needed attention.

What is your favorite feature of this book (ie. character, setting, plot, etc) and why?

The plot of the story is my favorite feature and the characters as well. The plot is a blueprint to a happily ever after. The plot also shows the pain of betrayal, and the sensuality of domination. Everyone of the characters show real emotion with a human reality, but with a superhuman twist. The Goddesses are women that hold the key to their own destiny and when they love they love with mind, body and soul.

Describe the perfect reader for this book.

There really isn’t a perfect reader just a reader with an open imagination and with my book you have to look past the normal to the magical.

Are you expecting any more books (wink, wink)?

Yes. There are seven more books coming from the The Sisterhood of Darkness series and I will be working on two other series called Skinwalkers—The Warriors of the Spirits and The Enchanted Kingdom: The Realm of the Mystics.

Thanks Shadowstorm! We wish you much joy (and lots of sales!)

Shadowstorm Norwicca is an author of Paranormal Romance. She is a avid reader of romance novels and loves to be pulled into the world of the characters. She is a veteran having served in both the U.S. Marines and the U.S. Army; she now spends her time chasing after her cats Loki and Lucien who keep her on her toes. She is a mother of two wonderful children. Shadowstorm writes short stories on Facebook and has a following for her unique stories. She is a personality on her own Blog talk radio show called Shadow Realm and has a E-Magazine called Shadow Realm as well. She is a Pagan Witch who embraces her characters in her book because they are a part of her. Her debut book is Forbidden Fruit a tale of love, pain, supernatural powers, and humor. It’s the first book in the eight part series called The Sisterhood of Darkness.

Visit Shadowstorm Norwicca’s blog, and her Facebook and Twitter page!

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  1. Stacy S. Jensen (@StacySJensen) January 9, 2012 at 1:58 am #

    Good luck with your book Shadowstorm. It’s always fun to cheer the birth of a book!

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