Nancy Drew Convention 2012 – Update #5

25 Mar

ND Sleuths Gift Exchange Table

The Super Sleuths have done it again! We’ve solved the mystery at Shadow Ranch, and we have good news – Nancy Drew is alive and well!

Nancy’s arch nemesis, Gay Moreau (from The Mystery at Lilac Inn) was paroled and released from jail. After Nancy received a threatening letter to stay out of Arizona, she asked Gay to pose as a Nancy look-a-like just like she did in the book, to try to trap the villain who sent the letter.

The ruse worked, a little too well. It was actually Gay Moreau’s body that was found in the  hotel room, the victim of blunt force trauma to the head. The murderer turned out to be Penny Parker, who was seen throwing a broken wine bottle — the murder weapon — in the trash.

Penny’s motivation for murder? Jealousy over Nancy’s fame and her superior book illustrations.

And the treasure? After following a series of clues all over the resort, we found it behind a beautiful Kachina doll painting — a gold nugget (okay, it’s not real gold – it’s pyrite, but hey, the organizers have a budget) and a Kachina doll charm. Definitely worth the effort.

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