My Life in Clothes – Raggedy Ann

9 May

Do you remember some of the outfits you wore when you were younger? Do you wish you still had them? I do. Even though some clothes were hideous, I thought they were cool at the time, and they defined my style — and the decade. Interestingly, the essence of my style hasn’t changed as much as I thought. Frightening, isn’t it?

I owned a Raggedy Ann doll as a child which I loved to death — seriously, she has no face left. I eventually got a newer Raggedy Ann, but never loved her as much as my original, which I still have in my possession even though she’s faceless.

So I simply had to own this Raggedy Ann T-shirt. I can’t remember where I bought it. Even my daughters think it’s cool, and wished I had kept it, but I gave it away in a weak moment.

Here I am on the right wearing the same Raggedy Ann T-shirt with a pair of Daisy Duke shorts. I didn’t buy those, I simply cut off an old pair of jeans. Everybody did back then. FYI, this photo wasn’t taken in the year 1720, I’m not that old. It was taken in the summer of 1975, I think. Me and two friends were standing behind a sign in the picturesque village of Port Morien, Nova Scotia, where I spent my childhood summers.

2 Responses to “My Life in Clothes – Raggedy Ann”

  1. 4amWriter May 9, 2012 at 4:54 pm #

    I had a Raggedy Ann *and* a Raggedy Andy doll! A good friend of mine bought my daughter a Raggedy Ann doll, but she never bonded with her. Dolls these days just aren’t the way they used to be. I think it’s sad.

    Lurve your tee 🙂

    • nancyelizabethlauzon May 10, 2012 at 10:05 am #

      It’s so true, dolls don’t make the impact they used to. The last ‘must-have’ dolls I remember were the Cabbage Patch dolls. I carried Raggedy Ann everywhere. I’m not sure what kind of toy little girls covet these days.

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