The Shopping Games

12 May

Shoe Shrew and Bag Hag Saturdays will continue next week as usual. Today I’m featuring a post to honor Mother’s Day: The Mother-Daughter Shopping Trip.  If you go on annual shopping trips — and even if you don’t — hope you always find what you’re looking for!

Burlington, March 2009

Once upon a time there were two women with two daughters each. Eventually these daughters grew up into young women themselves. Now there were six women altogether, plus one of the daughter’s friends which made seven.

These seven women loved to shop. They decided to get together for one weekend every spring and go on a shopping trip. They would visit places such as Burlington and Syracuse, stay in a hotel near the mall, and shop for two days straight. In between they would eat and talk and sleep, but mostly it was about shopping and the female camaraderie that can only happen when women shop together. Like our foremothers, the women who gathered the best berries or picked the ripest fruit off the trees, shopping a.k.a. gathering a.k.a. picking was about the joy of discovering something you were looking for, something beautiful and hopefully on sale.

At night in the hotel room, the women drank wine and conducted a fashion show of their purchases.There were three rules to this fashion show. Rule #1 was to be honest about whether the item looked good on the person in terms of fit, style and wear-ability. Rule #2 was to point out if the person already had an item of similar style in their closet already — i.e. did they really need fourteen navy blue cardigans? Rule #3 was to determine whether the purchase was the result of being “shopping drunk”. This happened to all the women on occasion. To be “shopping drunk” meant that the person had lost their ability to soberly judge whether the purchase was a good one or not. It meant they had lost all control at the cash register and were approaching the dangerous territory of buying something over their budget or buying something with a hole in it simply because it was on sale.

One day one of these women met an American soldier and fell in love with him. They got married and moved to Boston. So now the six women drive to Boston every year and stay at the seventh woman’s house, therefore saving money on hotels, money that can be better spent at the mall. In Boston the malls are bigger than Burlington and Syracuse put together. For the 10th Anniversary of their Shopping Trips (2017) the women plan to hit The Big Apple.

And they will keep on shopping happily ever after.

The End.

2 Responses to “The Shopping Games”

  1. Selena Robins Musings May 13, 2012 at 1:13 pm #

    Sounds like fun trips, but you know me, I don’t think I could last in malls for that long. LOL However, I’m always up for NYC.

    Fun post, Nancy!

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