Happy Birthday, Nancy Drew

28 Apr

Nancy Drew, the titian-haired sleuth beloved by readers for decades, turns 83 today!

It was on April 28th, 1930, that the first three Nancy Drew books — The Secret of the Old Clock, The Hidden Staircase and The Bungalow Mystery — were debuted by publishers Grosset and Dunlap as a breeder set, and were dubbed an overnight success. Nancy Drew was born.

Like many girls, I grew up on a steady diet of Nancy Drew Mysteries. Nancy was  young, pretty, rich, smart and brave. She drove a cool car and enjoyed a level of independence most girls could only dream about. She didn’t need to work  and seemed to have unlimited funds, thanks to her very generous, loving father. She even had an enviable personal life, a.k.a. Ned Nickerson. I not only wanted to read the books, I wanted to ‘be’ Nancy, even for a day. 

If I actually met a girl like that, I might be green with envy. But Nancy, dubbed the ‘Barbie of the written word’, was too humble and nice to dislike, and remains a great role model for young women all over the world.

Nancy Drew has experienced many changes since her auspicious beginnings, and is still going strong at 83. A new series, the Nancy Drew Diaries, debuted this February with two titles, Curse of the Arctic Star and Strangers on a Train

So here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Nancy, and many more to come!

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