Dating School For Completely Clueless Men: Mr. Harry Half In

17 Jan

It’s been a while since I posted on this category, so it’s high time. For past Dating School posts, click here. These posts are based on Real-Life dating situations, either experienced personally or confided to me by other women. Like they always say, Truth is stranger than Fiction. 

half in relationships

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I went on a dating site (which I had to pay for) and connected with this really nice girl. Physically she is just my type. The first few weeks I was on my best behavior and we got along great. About a month into the relationship things changed. We started to fight a lot. I have kind of a temper and get stressed over small things. Sometimes I yell. I guess she didn’t like that too much. Also, she kept wondering why I still wasn’t divorced from my first wife, even though we separated two years ago. The final straw was when I told her that whenever I’m in a relationship, half of me wants out. She flipped, and said I had been dishonest. But I was actually being honest. Needless to say, we ended it.

Any advice?

Harry Half In

Dear Mr. Half In,

You need to figure out what you want. At this point, I don’t think it’s a relationship.

The fact that you haven’t gotten divorced after 2 years is a red flag. Are you still holding a torch for your ex? Or perhaps you’re using your separation as a barrier to keep potential relationships at bay? Getting a divorce these days is too easy — arguably easier than renewing your passport. So do it, or find out why you haven’t yet.

Also, if you have anger issues, deal with them. They will be a problem when the right girl comes along.

Bottom line, you’re not ready for dating. Don’t waste your money on a dating site until you are. Otherwise you’re misrepresenting yourself to any woman you connect with, and that’s not fair. It’s a waste of the woman’s time, not to mention yours. The time to be honest about what you want isn’t one month in … it’s on the first date.

Dating is a dying art … do you have stories about dating duds? Do tell!

One Response to “Dating School For Completely Clueless Men: Mr. Harry Half In”

  1. 4amWriter January 21, 2014 at 4:27 am #

    Ugh. Men! I have friends who are still dating, and their stories make my hair curl. I daren’t post anything here because a couple of them are on the Wanted list.

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