21 May

‘Bucket List’ Centerpieces


Banners and Tissue Flowers

‘Rewirement’: Hubby’s new buzz word for ‘Retirement’. It’s now official, his last day of work was Friday. My daughters and I have been secretly planning a huge bash for him — along with his office staff. We went a little crazy with the decorations. Thankfully hubby hasn’t asked how much everything cost, because he’d freak. We made over 60 tissue flowers, put together two big banners and two floor length balloon bouquets, created 14 centerpieces, and last but not least, my daughters insisted on having a sweet table, even though not everyone is addicted to candy like our family. I even ordered cookies that look like my husband. In my usual fashion, I ordered way too many, so now I have over 150 husband cookies to eat and/or give away to neighbours and friends, along with the $250 worth of candy that wasn’t eaten.
Hubby Cookies

Hubby Cookies

 I’m very happy he’s finally at home full time, he sure deserves this freedom after working so hard for so long. Having him around during the day will be an adjustment, but we’re prepared. He’s fully aware that there can be no serious discussions before 10 am, because I need to drink my coffee and do my crossword puzzle first. After that I’m usually available, until around 4 pm when Judge Judy is on. The last few weeks he came home from work early and started watching it with me. Now he’s a Judge Judy fan, too.
It’s been a long time since it was just the two of us, and never without one of us working. Looking forward to the next chapter!

2 Responses to “Rewirement”

  1. Jewel Divas Style May 27, 2014 at 1:33 am #

    Well congrats on getting him all to yourself after so long. The party looked great and so did those cookies.

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